A women's retreat for building art, support systems and beneficial habits that promote health and well being. This is a chance for our women to revitalize their mind, bodies and souls through art and earth based health practices!

Here at Wage Art love is held strong for all members within the community. However we want to devote the special weekend of Fall Equinox to the Hard Hustlin' Honeys who work tirelessly to take care of their families and their communities but don't always have the resources or support that they need to properly take care of their own mental or physical health! It is difficult to catch a break in this high velocity society, especially as the givers of life and earth's nurterers. This campaign will help us fund our Woman's E(art)h Based Wellness Retreat in Marin Heazdlands, CA.

Our $7500 goal will allow us to
1. A Community based art project that includes a formal round table dinner discussing mental health and an inner Goddess photo shoot to craft a giant poster collage series that uplifts our voices, the visions and needs we have to lead fruitful and sustainable lives.
2. Offer workshops on  that centralize art and earth based holistic practices for helping us generate healthy habits
3. Provide Self care tool kits that include water bottles, smudging sticks, healing crystals, plants and essential oil blends
4. Have the guiding support of professional health practicioners
5. Build deep and meaningful relationships with ourselves and eachother.
6. Offer small stipends to our Leading Collective who has been working hard to make this happen!

Doesn't that sound amazing?! Well it can BE amazing with YOUR help.

We are very excited to bring this retreat to life and spread our love and education!

Please visit wageart.org for more information on our mission, vision, values, and upcoming events. 
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Peace, Light, and Love!


$7,500 GOAL

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